hard rime

hard rime
твердый налет

English-Russian aviation meteorology dictionary. 2013.

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  • Hard rime — is a white ice that forms when the water droplets in fog freeze to the outer surfaces of objects. It is often seen on trees atop mountains and ridges in winter, when low hanging clouds cause freezing fog. This fog freezes to the windward (wind… …   Wikipedia

  • Rime — is a coating of ice:*Hard rime, white ice that forms when water droplets in fog freeze to the outer surfaces of objects, such as trees *Soft rime, similar to hard rime, but feathery and milky in appearanceRime is also an alternate spelling of… …   Wikipedia

  • Soft rime — is a white ice deposition that forms when the water droplets in light freezing fog or mist freeze to the outer surfaces of objects, with calm or light wind. The fog freezes usually to the windward side of tree branches, wires, or any other solid… …   Wikipedia

  • earfoþríme — adj hard to enumerate, difficult to be numbered …   Old to modern English dictionary

  • Mount Gozaisho — 御在所岳 • 御在所山 Mount Gozaisho Elevation …   Wikipedia

  • Hrimthurs — In Norse mythology, hrímthurs ( rime giant, though commonly translated as frost giant ) is any one of the particular tribe of giants who are made of ice and inhabit Niflheim, a land of eternal cold.For the origins of the frost giants, see… …   Wikipedia

  • Crown snow-load — is snow and hard rime accumulating on tree crowns and structures in a cold climate. Hard rime is formed when droplets of fog or low level cloud (Stratus) freezes to the windward (wind facing) side of tree branches, buildings, or any other solid… …   Wikipedia

  • Cencellada — Saltar a navegación, búsqueda La cencellada es un hidrometeoro consistente en la formación de hielo blanco o parcialmente transparente, causado por la congelación de gotas subfundidas de la niebla helada a las superficies de objetos. La… …   Wikipedia Español

  • Ice — This article is about water ice. For the broader concept of ices as used in the planetary sciences, see volatiles. For other uses, see Ice (disambiguation) …   Wikipedia

  • White frost — is a solid deposition of ice which forms directly from water vapour contained in air. White frost forms when there is a relative humidity above 90% and a temperature below 8 °C (18 °F). The developing heat is then transferred to air by convection …   Wikipedia

  • Clear ice — with icicles on a bush Clear ice refers to a solid precipitation which forms when air temperature is between 0 °C (32 °F) and 3 °C (27 °F) and there are supercooled, relatively large drops of water (from freezing fog). A rapid …   Wikipedia

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